LEGO Worlds: Build it better

LEGO Worlds, currently in early access, is looking to take the charms of it’s series of LEGO games, and add in the thing that has been constantly missing, the spontaneous building that’s the joy of physical LEGOs. As an early access game, it is going to be continually updated, and this review is based on the version as of the date of the review.

At this point, the game really only has the equivalent of Minecraft’s creative mode, where there are minimal resources to manage, and the focus is to let you build to your imagination. However, looking through the tools, LEGO Worlds has already improved on it by giving you tools to do large scale building, although you can still build block by block with hundreds of different shapes of LEGO Blocks. Unlike Minecraft creative, however, you have to unlock all of the prebuild pieces. These pieces are either tools to explore the area, like cars and horses, or they are closer to the flowers, doors, and similar objects that appear in physical LEGO sets.

Very simply, the way to get all of these parts is to explore, find (and sometimes destroy) the pieces, and then pay an in-game currency. Even in one of the first builds of early access, the incentive to explore is already there, if only to get more tools to build what you want.

My current assessment is that LEGO Worlds is being built on a solid foundation. Building isn’t as fluid as it could be, due to very poorly using the keyboard, which isn’t as surprising given that the LEGO series has been a console series first. Other than that, and some camera issues, the game has the potential to be great. However, for most people, this game is not the best to buy yet.

If you’re excited to support the LEGO franchise, and are willing to risk this being a disappointment like LEGO’s last attempt at an MMO, it would be worth buying as is. If you’re getting into creative building games, and don’t already have Minecraft, it’s my honest opinion that LEGO World’s large scale building tools will make building a lot more fun, and it’s also currently at a cheaper price, which would change my assessment into grab it now, as long as you remember this is an early access game, and things can go wrong.

If nothing else, where else can you say “Your point doesn’t matter, I’m a skeleton riding a polar bear?”