On the move: To the skies

The basic theme here is adding fun mobility options to the martial types. Although none of these will match to the versatility of a Fly spell, I feel that most people who play non-magical types don’t quite want Fly repackaged.

Light Dash (Rogue Advanced Talent)
You gain the Run feat. Running can now be done as a move action that does not end your turn, although you are still flat-footed at the end of this move. Any obstacle with a DC no more than your Acrobatics or Climb modifier, and any liquid with a Swim DC less than your Swim modifier does not interrupt your charge or run actions.

Wall Hopper (Rogue Advanced Talent)
You can now move your full land speed while making a Climb check, and your jump height is equal to 1/2 your Acrobatics check instead of 1/4. As long as you can keep making successful jump checks while jumping between 2 objects, such a path does not interrupt a run or charge action.

Sky Crash [Ki]
Requirements: Ki Pool, High Jump
While you have Ki in your Ki pool, your jump height is equal to your Acrobatics check. By taking a -10 penalty to your Acrobatics check, you can give yourself a 5ft (perfect) fly speed for 1 round. From this point, you can dive, doing an extra 1d6 per 30 feet you fall if you hit a creature. Any creature hit with this attack must make a Fly check opposed by your Acrobatics or Fly check, or crash. If you have the Slow Fall class feature, you gain the full benefit of it as if you were by a wall for the full distance of your fall.

Special: A monk can take this as a Bonus Feat at 10th level, but must still meet the requirements. A Ninja can take this as an Advanced Ninja Trick. A Qinggong Monk can take this to replace an ability gained no lower than 7th level. He must have High Jump to do so, and using this feat does not cost any ki.

Fortress Crasher (Rage Power)
Requirements: Barbarian 10
While Raging, or anytime if you have Improved Overrun, you can attempt to charge through a solid object without interrupting your charge. Any solid object that you charge and any creature you make a successful overrun check on takes your unarmed strike + 3d12 damage. This attack gains 1.5 times strength, as if it were a two-handed weapon. When hitting an immobile object, this ignores hardness equal to 10 + your barbarian level. If the object breaks, you can continue your charge or overrun attempt.


Mage slayer feats

Every time someone messes around with homebrew, there seems to be a need to add ways for fightery types to stab mages better. Here, I’ve added a few feats that are supposed to add to people’s capability to survive and defeat mages from being able to tell a charm spell “No” to turning that Haste spell you’re under into something that’ll get rid of the mirror images, I hope you’ll have more fun tools taking on mages, even when you are not one.

Note: A couple of these feats have a mechanic like the 3.5 mage slayer feat, that reduce your caster level. Unlike the Mage Slayer feat, though, these are intended to have no effect on the Paladin and Ranger, and other characters that get no better than 4th level spells and full BAB.

Disrupt Magic item
Prerequisites: Trapfinding, Disable Device 8 ranks, Use Magic Device or Spellcraft trained

You can make a Disable Device check to disrupt the operation of a magic item. You can do this as a standard action with a DC of 20 + item caster level, and this will disable the item for 2d4 rounds. You can instead take 1 minute to disable the item for 24 hours. The magic can be restored to the item by a character that has the appropriate feats for creating that magic item using a spell slot of the highest level spell used in creation.

Special: A character with Master Craftsman and 1 item creation feat or 3 item creation feats can ignore the Trapfinding prerequisite.

Disrupt Active Spell
Prerequisites: Disrupt Magic Item
You can make a Disable Device check to disrupt an active spell as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. The DC is 20 + caster level. If the spell has a concentration duration, success automatically breaks concentration. Otherwise, success stops the spell for 2d6 rounds. Time spent disabled counts towards the duration of the spell.

Special: Rogues and Ninjas that have Trapfinding can take this as an Advanced Talent or Advanced Ninja Trick without any of the other prerequisites.

Flitch Components
Prerequisites: Improved Disarm or Improved Steal
You’ve learned how to make spellcasting with a focus or material component much more difficult.

Casting spells provokes an attack of opportunity that can only be used to make a Disarm or Steal check to remove a material component or focus unless the caster did not cast defensively. If you succeed on this maneuver, the caster loses the material component and does not have the time to retrieve another component before the spell fizzles.

Mental Conman
Prerequisites: Sense Motive 5 ranks
Whenever you are affected by a spell or power of the Charm or Compulsion subschools, instead of making a Will Save, you may make a Sense Motive check vs the caster’s Spellcraft check. Unlike a normal Sense Motive check, this check can fail on you rolling a natural 1, and automatically succeed on you rolling a natural 20.

If you are facing a supernatural ability that derives from a spell or power of the Charm or Compulsion subschools (like a Vampire’s Dominating Gaze), you can resist it in the same way, but the creature can replace the spellcraft check with a d20 + HD + Charisma modifier.

Prerequisites: Use Magic Device 11 ranks or BAB +11 and Iron Will
If you are under the effect of any harmless spell or power, as an attack action you can end the spell and make a touch attack with your weapon. A successful touch attack allows you to Greater Dispel the target of your attack as a targeted dispel, with a caster level equal to the caster level of the spell. Unlike Greater Dispel, you can dispel a number of spells equal to 1/4 your BAB or 1/4th your Use Magic Device Ranks, whichever is higher.

If you hit their standard AC (even if your weapon is normally capable of a touch attack like a gun), you do the weapon’s normal damage, and instead of rolling a d20 on the dispel check, you roll a d10 + 10.

You cannot gain the benefits of this through casting a spell with an attack roll, even if the spell makes a non-permanent weapon (like Flame Blade).

Special: Reduce your caster level for all spell lists by 4 unless you have BAB equal to your HD. If your caster level is reduced below the first level you can cast a spell of a specific level due to this feat, you cannot cast that level of spells.

Discipline Slayer
Prerequisites: Knowledge(arcana) 6 ranks or Favored Terrain class feature
Choose 1 school of magic and 1 psionic discipline. You gain a +8 dodge bonus to AC against that school of magic, as well as +4 to saving throws against that school of magic. When attacking a creature affected by a harmless spell of the chosen school of magic with a weapon, you gain +4 to hit, as well as adding the higher of your BAB or your Knowledge(arcana) ranks to the damage of any attack.

Every spell of the chosen school and every power from your chosen discipline is removed from any spell list and power list that you have, and from any spell list that you gain after taking this feat. You cannot cast spells, use spell completion items or spell trigger items of that school unless you use the Use Magic Device skill.

Special: You may take this feat multiple times, but you must choose a different school of magic and a different psionic discipline each time, if possible. Reduce your caster level for all spell lists by 4 unless you have BAB equal to your HD. If your caster level is reduced below the first level you can cast a spell of a specific level due to this feat, you cannot cast that level of spells.

You may not gain the bonuses from this feat more than 1 time, even if you are targeted by a spell with multiple schools, or are targeting a creature with harmless spells of multiple schools.

Spell eater
Prerequisites: Toughness
Whenever you are targeted by a spell or are in the initial area of the spell, you gain temporary hit points equal to the spell’s level that last for 1 hour, and stack with itself. You also gain a +1 bonus to saving throws against all spells, spell-like abilities, powers, and psi-like abilities. Finally, each spell has it’s caster level reduced by 1. However, this affects even harmless spells.

Special: After 8 hours rest, you can deactivate the benefits of this feat for 24 hours. If you do so, you still have this feat for prerequisites.

A unfortunate thing of all of this is that it’s a lot harder to test these sorts of things than to put them together and benchmark them. If you have had the opportunity to test (or get a good eyeball) on any of the homebrew content on this blog, feel free to comment in that article with your impression.

Assorted Combat and Ki feats

In this, there’s a lot of feats that aid more mundane players, as well as the Monk and Ninja. From the ability to delay any spell, to do any combat maneuver without risk, to swinging around a creature you’re holding and tossing them, these feats should add interesting options to your Fighters, Barbarians, Monks, and Ninjas.

Whirlwind Throw (Combat)
Requirements: Str 13, Dex 13, BAB +6, Improved Grapple

Increase your CMB and CMD by +2 vs Grapple. When you take an grapple action in a grapple that you control, instead of damaging or pinning the target with a successful check, you can swing them around, attacking every creature within the larger of your own or the creature being grappled natural reach. This attack does damage equal to your unarmed strike damage as if you were one size larger, plus 1.5 times your strength to both the creature you attack and the creature you’re grappling. You can apply any bonuses to this damage other than enhancements from your weapon.

After this, you can then throw your target 5ft in any direction + 5 more feet for every 2 that you beat the grapple CMD by. If the creature cannot go the full length, he again takes damage equal to your unarmed strike as if you were one size larger + 1.5 times your strength, and lands prone.

Special: This feat can be treated as Greater Grapple for the purpose of all feats, class abilities, items, and prerequisites.

A Monk can take this feat as a 6th level bonus feat as long as he can take Improved Grapple as a bonus feat.

Ki Draw (Ki)
Requirements: Ki pool

You may spend 1 ki to draw a light or throwing weapon as a swift action, and make an attack with it. The enemy is flat-footed against this attack. If you already have the ability to make a swift action attack by spending ki, when you do so with a light or throwing weapon, the enemy is automatically flat-footed, and you can draw a weapon as part of the action

Shoryuken (Combat)
Requirements: Improved Bull Rush, Improved Trip, Combat Savvy, or Ki Pool

As an attack action, you may make all of your iterative attacks with 1 weapon. If you hit all of your attacks, you knock the enemy 5ft * (Wisdom bonus + Strength bonus, minimum 5 feet). The enemy takes falling damage equal to 1d6 damage per iterative attack per 10 feet.

If you miss any of your attacks, you do not get to take any further iterative attacks, you are flat-footed and cannot take move actions to move until the end of your next turn.

Special: Attacks done in Shoryuken gain bonus damage equal to your bonus to Trip or Bull Rush CMB from feats, class abilities, racial abilities, and magic items. You can spend a ki point as a free action instead of losing your ability to move and being flat-footed for missing an attack.

Although this is an attack action, you cannot do this multiple times in a full-attack routine, and if it’s done in a full-attack routine, it must be done with your highest BAB attack.

Combat Savvy (Combat)

You do not provoke attacks of opportunity when you make a combat maneuver. If you have a weapon training bonus, you may gain the highest weapon training bonus on all CMB checks, and you may take Greater Maneuver feats as if you had all of the requirements other than BAB.

Stay Down (Combat)
Requirements: Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip, BAB +6
You gain +4 to CMB and CMD for Grapple and Trip maneuvers. As an attack of opportunity or a swift action, you can immediately attempt to pin a creature that is prone. You may also attempt to pin a creature that you trip as a free action. If you succeed on this pin, you are not grappled, and you don’t take a -20 penalty to maintain the grapple. Finally, you can pin a prone creature of any size.

Special: If you have Combat Savvy and Weapon training, the requirements change to BAB +6.

This can be taken as a Monk bonus Feat at 10th level, as long as the monk can take Improved Grapple or Improved Trip as a bonus feat.

Takedown (Combat)
Requirements: Str 13, Power attack, Improved Bull Rush, BAB +6
You gain +4 to CMB and CMD for Bull rush maneuvers. If you successfully bull rush an opponent, you can do damage equal to unarmed strike, shield bash, or slam attack damage. As part of this action, you can pay life up to 1/2 your BAB to do extra damage equal to 4 times the life you paid. Finally, if you do iterative bull rushes on the same target, you do not take the iterative penalty for these maneuvers.

Special: This counts as Greater Bull Rush for all class features, feats, magic items, and prerequisites. The damage is capable of getting critical hits as a normal attack. The confirmation is another CMB check, though this only multiplies the damage, not the distance moved.

A monk can take this feat as a 6th level bonus feat, as long as the monk can take Improved Bull Rush or Improved Trip as a bonus feat.

Weapon Master (Combat)
Requirements: Weapon Training, BAB +8
For every weapon that you have weapon training for, increase the base critical range by 1. Unlike most critical range increasing effects, this stacks with other effects like Keen and Improved Critical.

Iron Lore (Combat)
Requirements: Armor Training, BAB +10
When you are affected by a spell that offers a saving throw, you can have your armor or shield attempt the saving throw (even if the spell cannot normally affect your armor). If the armor fails the saving throw, you must save against the effect as normal, and your armor is broken. If it is already broken, it is brought to 1 hp. If your armor succeeds on the save, the spell does not affect you, even if it has Save:Half or Save:Partial. Your armor gains a bonus to saving throws equal to it’s enhancement bonus.

You cannot use this ability using armor or a shield with 1 hp.

Traveler’s Gear
Requirements: Bluff or Survival Trained
Weapons, Armors, and Shields that you have on your person that you are proficient in appear as non-masterwork and non-magical. To disprove this, a caster of detect magic must succeed on a Will Save (DC 10 + Survival ranks or 10 + Bluff ranks), or he will not be able to detect it’s magic for 24 hours. Objects casting Detect Magic will automatically fail this saving throw.

Special: You cannot apply this feat to Artifacts or Mythic Weapons, unless you expend 1 use of mythic power. If you do so, this extends to Artifacts and Mythic Weapons for 24 hours.

Beu Du Corbin du What (Combat)
Requirements: Weapon Training or Weapon Focus (any Exotic Weapon)
When you do an intimidate check, if you succeed, and the enemy is wielding an Exotic weapon, the enemy is no longer proficient in it’s use for 1 minute. If the enemy is not proficient in all martial weapons, this also applies if the enemy is wielding a martial weapon. This stacks with any effects that your intimidate check would already do, and is also a fear, mind-affecting effect.

Borrowed Time (Combat)
Requirements: Great Fortitude, Iron Will, or Lightning Reflexes

When you are hit with a weapon, you may make the attack automatically threaten and confirm a critical against you. If you do so, you do not take any damage from the attack for 5 turns after you do this. This damage, and the other effects can be healed before it affects you, but you must first be at full health, and if it has an extra effect (like a thundering or vorpal weapon), all spells must be dispelled off of you first. Any healing after you are at full health reduces the delayed damage 1 for 1. If the attack was already a critical hit, you must multiply it as a critical again to use this ability.

If you are affected by a non-harmless spell, you can automatically fail the saving throw against the spell. The spell is intensified, maximized, Empowered, and Extended, but it does not affect you for 5 rounds. If the spell does damage, you must be at full health before you can heal the delayed damage, and if it has any other effect, you must have all other spells dispelled first.

If the spell is not dispelled while it is delayed, it cannot be dispelled or negated. If the spell requires outside input (like Dominate Person) and the caster cannot give that input, you can take no actions whatsoever for the duration of the spell.

While you are delaying a spell or damage, or suffering the effects of a delayed spell, you cannot use this feat to delay other damage or other spells.

Megaton Punch

Megaton Punch (Combat)
Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, BAB +6 or Monk 6

And you said charging up my punch was stupid.
If you make a single attack in your turn, your unarmed strike is treated as a two-handed weapon, and it does a bonus 1d8 damage. This extra damage is multiplied by Vital Strike as well as critical hits. If this single attack is used to do a Trip, Bull Rush, or Reposition maneuver, you gain a +2 bonus to that maneuver, and you are treated as 1 size larger for this maneuver.

Attacks of opportunity made do not gain this bonus, even if you did not at all make an attack this turn.

Special: A monk may use this feat with any melee Monk weapon, not just an unarmed strike.