Power Fury Wilder

Before I start, this is important. What I have here is very likely going to be unbalanced. The intent is to extend the idea of the Frenzied Berzerker to a spell caster. This does mean extremely hard to control manifesting, random events that can flip the caster into a spell fury, and the risk of blowing up your teammates. I am not responsible if your game gets ruined by using this Wilder.

Power Fury (Wilder Surge)
Wild Surge and Enervation: Every flinch in your emotions can set off an uncontrolled outflow of power. Since the Wilder must let loose her emotions momentarily to Wild Surge, an enervation, instead of immediately draining the Wilder, it instead brings her into a state of Power Fury (as listed in the Surge Bond).

Surge Bond: When you enter a state of Power Fury, you gain a +2 morale bonus to Charisma, although this does not give you any bonus Power Points. Immediately after you enter Power Fury, and at the start of every turn after you enter Power Fury, as a swift action, you manifest the last power that you used, as long as it is on your Wilder known power list. If it is not on the Wilder known power list, you must spend the standard action attempting to leave Power Fury. However, the power in question must be manifested using a number of power points equal to your level, the DM is allowed to decide how the power is augmented, and the power is targeted on the closest creature to you (a Familiar, Psicrystal, or an Animal Companion within 5ft of you is considered part of you for this). If the power is not targetable, the power is centered on that creature instead. If that is not possible, then the power must be manifested in a way that it has that creature in the area of effect. You must spend the power points required for this power from your own pool, even if you are part of a Metaconcert or have another source of Power Points, and this power cannot be manifested with Metapsionic feats. While in Power Fury, you cannot gain the benefits of your Wild Surge.

As a standard action, you may attempt a Fortitude Save (DC 10 + 1/2 manifester level) to end the Power Surge. If you fail this saving throw, the next power manifested as a swift action has +4 to it’s Power Penetration checks and save DCs. If you run out of power points, or are knocked out, you immediately leave Power Fury, and are exhausted until you have had 8 hours rest. If you are forced out of Spell Fury while you are exhausted, you instead reduce your maximum power points by 1/2 your manifester level until you’ve had a full day of rest.

Improved Surge Bond: At 5th level, and every 4 levels after that, Power Fury’s morale bonus to Charisma increases by 2. Also, at 5th level, whenever you enter Power Fury, you gain temporary power points equal to your manifester level + your Charisma modifier.