The first big project

For the most part, so far, I’ve been trying to keep the projects small, both for me and for the fact that it’s easier to add 1 or 2 feats to a game than it is to add a whole massive subsystem. The ideas that have needed a home are as follows:

A Kobold Christmas: A 1-2 session Christmas themed adventure where a low-level party tries to save Christmas from the thieving Kobolds.

Metamind: A mythic path that makes a redux on the Metamind prestige class, which culminated in a limited ability to manifest infinitely. By poking at the fluff of Psionics, this should act as a scary upgrade to a mentalist as well as the opportunistic manifester that wants to keep going forever.

Clockwork Collective: A series of monsters inspired by the Clockwork Horrors of MM2, but adapted to Pathfinder and rebalanced. No more CR 9 monstrosities casting 9th level spells at-will, and ideally also highlighting Pathfinder’s Teamwork Feats and Dreamscarred Press’s psionics that utilize the collective.

When I say I’m going to take on one of these, I don’t want to kill the rest of the blog, and I’m still going to have small bits about every 2-3 days. I just want something that I know people will enjoy. Feel free to comment with what you’d like to see.