Alchemical Binds

Alchemical binds are consumable items that use a living creatures natural healing processes to bind specific wounds or maladies. An Alchemical bind is a poison, although it’s benefits usually outweigh the drawbacks, and will have a saving throw to negate the effect. A creature immune to poison cannot be affected by an alchemical bind. Alchemical binds are non-magical, and if they heal hit point damage, will usually specify whether it heals lethal or non-lethal, and will only rarely heal both kinds of damage. Alchemical binds can be created by the craft rules with a successful Craft (alchemy) or Heal check.

Emergency Woundbind
A creature that takes this bind heals 1d6 lethal damage, but becomes exhausted until they have eaten a full day’s worth of food. A creature who has gone at least 1 day without eating or is at least fatigued also starts starving.

Cost: 1gp; Craft DC: DC 15; Save to negate: Fortitude DC 12

Go-Go Juice
A creature that takes this ignores the penalties of fatigue or exhaustion for 1 minute. The creature is still fatigued or exhausted for abilities that check for this. A fatigued creature that takes this becomes exhausted afterwards, and an exhausted creature takes 1 Constitution damage which is immediately healed if the exhaustion is healed.

Cost: 5gp; Craft DC: 15; Save to negate: Fortitude DC 13

Ironwort Juice
A creature that takes this bitter compound can ignore mind-affecting effects for 5 minutes. However, the strength of this compound makes the creature see spots, making all of their attacks have a 20% miss chance for 1 hour. If a creature is already under the effect of this when they take this, they are instead blinded for 1 hour.

Cost: 20gp; Craft DC: 18; Save to negate: Fortitude DC 16

This bind quickly closes wounds, but does not remove the pain of the wounds. This bind converts 2d4 lethal damage to non-lethal damage. If the creature does not have any lethal damage, it instead heals 1 hit point of non-lethal damage.

Cost: 15gp; Craft DC: 12; Save to negate: Fortitude DC 12

This dangerous compound makes a creature feel much less pain. For 15 minutes after taking this bind, a creature can act below 0 hp, up to 1d12 + 1 hit points below 0, and the creature’s death threshold is also increased by the same amount. At the end of this, if the creature is below 0 hp, he falls unconscious and takes a -5 penalty to all stabilization checks. If his hit points are below his death threshold, he automatically dies.

This roll should be made in secret, although a creature that succeeds on a DC 15 Autohypnosis or a DC 20 Heal check can find out the result of the roll.

Cost: 150gp (Typically illegal, market price for crafting purposes is 25gp); Craft DC: 20; Save to negate: Fortitude DC 15

This hopefully adds some fun things for the non-magical alchemist to make, which while not as reliable as clerical healing, is much less expensive.


Snowsilk Cloak

I clearly need to get the idea of Frozen out of my system, so here goes.

Snowsilk Cloak
Aura: Moderate Transmutation; CL: 7th
Slot: Back; Price: 15,000 gp; Weight:

This silk cloak always has a blue hue and feels slightly cool to the touch. As the temperature nears 40°F, the threads in the cloak start stretching themselves into the patterns of snowflakes. At all times, the wearer of the cloak has Cold Resistance 5. While the temperature is at or below 40°F, as a standard action, you can cover a surface in a layer of ice, but otherwise acting as the Grease spell. Also, 3/day, you can create an item out of no more than 5 cu. ft. of pure ice that lasts for 5 minutes, although it has the fragile quality, and has 0 hardness instead of it’s normal hardness.

Construction Requirements:
Cost: 7,500 gp; Feats: Craft Wondrous Item; Spells: Grease, Minor Creation; Special: The crafter must be trained in Survival or the crafting must be done in an environment below 40°F

Magic Seal Cell

I feel like I need to take a shot at creating items today. This, admittedly, is more of a society item than a adventurer item, but an adventurer having access to this can help them out.

Magic Seal Cell
Aura: Moderate Abjuration
Caster Level: 9th
Slot: None
Weight: 100 lbs
Market Price: 25000gp

Usually fashioned as a large metal cage, or sometimes as a stone room, the Magic Seal Cell inhibits the use of weaker magic. Spells cast within the cage or room that are 3rd level or below, or powers manifested with 6 power points or less automatically fail within this room. A caster using a 4th level spell, or a manifester using a power with 7 or 8 power points must make a Caster Level Check (DC 20) to successfully use the spell. Any spell or power stronger than that casts without any problems. The cage can be fashioned in several ways, but must have a door, and the standard creation has a Good lock (Disable Device DC 30 to open).

Construction Requirements
Cost: 12,500 gp; Feats: Craft Wondrous Item; Spells: Dispel Magic or Lesser Globe of Invulnerability