Paizo RPG Superstar: The fun leftovers

First off, if design is your thing, and you feel like you know Pathfinder mechanics, there’s still time to enter into Paizo RPG Superstar, with the contest being open until 2pm PST tomorrow.

First personal thought: For some reason, I find making items a lot harder than making feats/spells/archetypes. Things that weren’t part of the character permanently have always felt odd to me, even though (in the weapon class) there’s cool inspiration like the Holy Avenger and Oathbow. Anywhos, in any creative process, there are attempts that end up getting thrown out. Unlike the actual attempt, these items are not truly complete. If anyone wants any of these items priced and properly formatted, comment here.


This +1 small shortsword was born of the Goblin belief that writing down words steals them from your mind. This sword can make a sunder attempt against any object that has had writing on it for at least 24 hours or has any magical writing on it at all without provoking attacks of opportunity and while ignoring hardness. Any creature struck with this sword must make a DC 12 Will Save, or forget 1 language that they know for 1 hour. If they attempt to speak that language, it comes out in unintelligible grunts, and forces a 50% spell failure chance on any spells with a verbal component.

Spell Vortex Shield
Decorated on the edges with a retelling of a crusade against demons, this +3 Spell Resistance (15) cold iron Tower Shield shines light as a torch when held by anyone who has any active spells on them.
When the wielder of this shield negates a spell through spell resistance or fails a saving throw against a non-harmless spell, he absorbs a large amount of the spell into him. The spell does not affect any allied creature within 15 feet of him as if there was no line of effect to those creatures. The spell still has it’s full effect outside of this radius.

Shock and Awe
This +1 Thundering Blunderbuss fires it’s grapeshot with enough force to break traditional shield walls. While using the Blunderbuss as a scatter weapon, any creature that you hit is subject to a bull rush that does not provoke an attack of opportunity (CMB = the triggering attack’s bonus to hit). You do not follow any creatures this bullrush succeeds on, and on any creature you succeed by 5 or more, they also fall prone.

Remember that entering in items that exist elsewhere, even with small tweaks, will result in a DQ from the contest, and happy item building.


RPG Superstar 2015

Just a quick plug to Paizo, and them running their RPG Superstar contest again this year. If it’s something you feel like you’d want to jump in, come up with a 300 word item by December 16th, and give it a shot. There’s little to lose, given that entries are essentially anonymous unless they win, and others get to see your item without you having to be attached to it.

I know this little contest is what got me at least thinking about doing and sharing such creations, and I hope you’re willing to give it a try. I have not gotten anywhere in the contest, but I have submitted items before, so I’d be willing to answer any questions I can about it.