Dealing Spell Slots

You may remember from my last post that I wanted to ways to burn out spells without having to take the feats. I put forth Dealing Spell Slots.

Selling Spell Slots
Devils are prone to getting mortals to sell everything from their firstborn to their souls. With jargon-laded contracts and fulfilling not exactly what was asked but the basest desires of what was wanted, if they didn’t buy your soul the first time, they’d place you right in the spot where they could save you, only if you’d sell your soul. Getting a soul into the Blood War was a timely affair, though, without breaking their contracts.

The Devils, however, pioneered a way to possess the magical energy that was thought to be linked to a creature’s soul. Every attempt to tear it away made it come back, but with the right rituals, as long as the caster was willing, they could actually surrender the magical energy, allowing the Devils to use it just as if it were a spell slot. Many Devils can now use these spells to some use, only if it’s to repower magic items or to power reserve feats. A select few have been able to cast full spells from these slots, however, and because of their use, they have quickly become a second currency in the Nine Hells.

Any Devil that has been trained in Knowledge (planes) and Spellcraft can forge a deal with a willing spellcaster to forever surrender one or more spell slots. If the caster accepts the deal, the spell slots are burned out, although at the devil’s discretion, the spell slots may temporarily return. The deal is enforced by the Planes of Law, and even attempts at regaining the spell slot by Wish or Miracle will fail without the approval of the Planes of Law.

The table listed below will give the typical value of a spell slot. Neither the devil nor the caster needs to start at this price point, nor does all of the payment in the deal have to be in gold, but should be in gold, services, and items that the caster values as the payment value. This spell energy may be transferred to another devil, and the new devil enjoys all of the rights of the original contract.

Spell Level Value
1st 500 gp
2nd 2000 gp
3rd 6750 gp
4th 12000 gp
5th 25000 gp
6th 45000 gp
7th 73500 gp
8th 128000 gp
9th 243000 gp

Note to the DM: The costs here assume that players are getting near WBL at all levels. If the players are getting some percentage less than WBL, you should reduce these values by the same percentage. Unlike unusual treasure hoards, it is highly discouraged to mitigate all of this wealth to bring it back to WBL. This, unlike an extreme treasure hoard, is trading in permanent class features for an infusion of money or services. It is highly encouraged to play up the fact that the devil can regrant the spell slots temporarily.


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