The first big project

For the most part, so far, I’ve been trying to keep the projects small, both for me and for the fact that it’s easier to add 1 or 2 feats to a game than it is to add a whole massive subsystem. The ideas that have needed a home are as follows:

A Kobold Christmas: A 1-2 session Christmas themed adventure where a low-level party tries to save Christmas from the thieving Kobolds.

Metamind: A mythic path that makes a redux on the Metamind prestige class, which culminated in a limited ability to manifest infinitely. By poking at the fluff of Psionics, this should act as a scary upgrade to a mentalist as well as the opportunistic manifester that wants to keep going forever.

Clockwork Collective: A series of monsters inspired by the Clockwork Horrors of MM2, but adapted to Pathfinder and rebalanced. No more CR 9 monstrosities casting 9th level spells at-will, and ideally also highlighting Pathfinder’s Teamwork Feats and Dreamscarred Press’s psionics that utilize the collective.

When I say I’m going to take on one of these, I don’t want to kill the rest of the blog, and I’m still going to have small bits about every 2-3 days. I just want something that I know people will enjoy. Feel free to comment with what you’d like to see.


2 thoughts on “The first big project

  1. The clockwork collective sounds very cool and I’d love to see teamwork feats used more.

    But kobolds can also synergize and get teamwork feats, too. And sneaky miners seem to be built for stealing presents and replacing them with coal.


    • Leave it to the “deadkobold” to suggest something that has Kobolds in them. I really probably should get this adventure off this ground from how long it’s been sitting in limbo.


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